Saturday, September 09, 2006


Hello Dutiful Individual,
how has been your life so far??Mine i would say for the last 1 week has been on the 'hoo haa hoo haa' track.
i had just returned from a tour of nagaur located in the centre of Rajasthan. me and my boss had to go there on an official Visit for a outlet inauguration, i had some incidents which occurred during the time which i found hilarious.
scene 1 : My boss is driving at Breakneck speed on low beam after twilight in the dark and iam pretty sure he has partial night blindness.i notice he keeps missing out signs and potholes on the road. He fails to see the calf ahead of him and pushes on. i Scream 'cow' after becoming sure this guy cant see whats ahead, he immediately slams the brakes and the car screeches to a halt after 10 - 15 feet.He then prays and thanks his stars.
after awhile i ask him why he is not using the high beam for which he replies that it would hit directly on the blind spot in the retina blinding other people. Then we continue on with our journey in low beam.

scene2 : my boss is again driving at high speed and suddenly a donkey comes charging onto the path of the car and we sudden brake again.he abuses the donkey.

scene 3 : same situation again, but this time he hits one of the pigeons flying past and the poor thing flutters to the ground.

Scene 4 : We are returning from the trip at night and i keep telling 'Dog,dog' whenever there is a pack of dogs on the road to avoid them from getting killed.

Friends that was quite a trip esp. the driving bit.

there was once a time i was travelling at night with a hotshot driver who was abusing everyone on the road about the way they drive. On the highway we came across a pickup which had rammed and perched itself on top of a median in the middle of the road.he slows the vehicle and makes fun of the people standing there saying " why have you parked here?"
a couple of miles down, this moron doesnt see an unmarked median jutting out of the road and i shout " look out " and he swerves and misses out on the median. i dont know whether to laugh or stay sober.

buddies, the carnage season for dogs has started here, the dogs here nowadays are on an hormonal overdirve and after losing track of their senses ,they wander mindlessly into the middle of the road. they are squashed and run over to pulp by the heavy vehicles. on this recent trip i noticed atleast one dog ironed to the ground every 100 metres.

hope everyone is doing cool!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hello Everyone,
Hope everyone is doing OK out there, it does'nt matter even if you dont cos the World's not gonna stop spinning anyway.
I got sad news about myself not to share but to tell, Iam BORED with my day to day life.
The Boredom is due to , i guess not too many things around that can enthuse me.
I have Decided to fight this boredom in a new manner instead of doing what other normal people would do- Goto Pubs& discotheques, booze, take out girls,chat online , Hangout , watch movies , go all out on a comfort eating Binge...

I have decided to make things more exciting or even a bit Hazardous to liven things up in my poor lack lustre life.
some of the things i have tried out are :
  1. I picked up a fight unneccessarily with a house broker and Demanded that he Provide me a house immediately in accordance with all my conditions to see how he would respond.
  2. i called up a clinic and abused the staff on their Delay in servicing me, i even made them pronounce my full name in the way i wanted them to.
  3. i asked a guy at a shop why he had thrown stale bread away on the ground when it was no business of mine. ( i wanted to see how he would respond).
  4. I talked to my friend on the phone for 10 minutes in front of my superboss.
  5. i abused a man in the lift because he gave me a slight push to my back for me to move over and give way to him at a lowerfloor,i even created the scenario of holding back the lift at the floor to win the arguement & to see how he would respond.

I have some more plans to make my life a bit exciting and hazardous:

  1. to abuse people at a place where they have refused to provide sandwiches without butter and Mayonaise to my Mediator.
  2. to pick up a fight with a cop on law and order .
  3. not to pay my mobile bills and try to threaten to sue my corporate connection executive.
  4. create some ruckus on the road.
  5. Plus pick up a fight with a guy i have in mind at the ofiice.

i think iam somewhat at peace now but i feel i should choose to be a mercenary to really relish how delightful life is when boring and inconsequentail.

i think this is what made Brad pitt start the FIght Club in the movie of the same name.

dear folks this is the time when all like minded people like me(and maybe you ) should be careful because our dear parents will try to convince us that Marriage is the solution to boredom and embracing it would make it more lively, but wait my friends!!, its just a trap to make you force yourself to sustain the boredom in life. therefore try to do something different.

I guess this is what created great Revolutionaries like Che guvera, Fidel castro etc etc to Risk their lives and do something Dramatic or catastrophic - BOREDOM.

Recently i read a story in which a newspaper creates its own accidents and Catastrophies to create its headlines when there are'nt any happenings around. i think i will try to do something like that in a less harmful( or harmless to to others) way to see whether i win or get screwed instead of trying to while away the boredom in life.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

haalp , it's a nightmare

hello everyone,
i had watched this movie 'Resident evil' some time back in which people at a high tech facility affected by some sick virus become something like flesh eating zombies and have to be shot in the head to be killed.if they bite you , you will become one of them in a few hours and go out in search of juicy blood.

i think the thought must have some how remained in my subconcious when i went to sleep last night cos i had one of the grave dreams which had been a regular feature with me.

At the start of my dream , i had already been infected with the virus and i had to make a decision whether to hold on to my life and eventually become one of them Zombies or kill myself and prevent myself from becoming a Zombie.i then made the decision to kill myself and i was finding out ways to kill myself, the thought was horrible - being on the lookout for the easiest way to die.I went and got something what i thought was poison (the thoughts are hazy here ) and had it , i waited for it to take effect but nothing happend. i then asked my mom why am i not dying, there was no reply.Then i ran out to find some other quicker way to die and was waiting fo my end to come. Then i woke up with my pulse racing at maximum.

Analysis : 1.You do in your dream what you would do in real life.(Iam glad i was'nt a coward)
2.Icouldnt die because the dream could'nt replicate death even though i tried to die.
3.When you have long dreams like the one above , you shouldnt immediately get outta bed but stay still on bed for at least 10 minutes after awakening and try to remember all the details of it otherwise you will definitely forget it.

this is just one of the long list of movies that have been added to my nightmare list , some of the others are :
The Island of Dr Moreau,terminator2,HE man,Hulk ,predator,The saint ...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Hello everyone,
iam raghu and i have been in existence for the past 25 years and you might think of me as some guy whos a swashbuckler wannabe.I have been living my life all alone quite precariously for quite some time in this Beautiful Desert state Called Rajasthan(India).Iam always on the lookout for simplifying things in life or maybe life itself.Iam searching for something in life but havent got a clue what it is .
Iam what you might call an auto Salesman for Trucks and spares.My job involves travelling all over this biggest state in India coaxing people to use my brand.The funny part is i travel to remotest and desolate parts of the State do Sales promotion and Brand management activities to illiterate customers who dont give a shit about Brands or maybe they do, but this state is the place for Real Heavy trucking so My company wants me here 2000kms from home.So here Iam all alone and wondering where in the world iam gonna land up in the near future,Maybe TIBET would make a nice place after having experienced the Desert.

Iam a kind of guy who always keeps on comparing the past with my present to see if im better off today,In the end i come to the conclusion that the present is better cos the 'me' today seems to proclaim that its better in many ways than the slightly less experienced or less intelligent "me' of yesterday,yesteryears or whatever.Iam also on my way towards formulating my own theories of life to make it a more of a text book approach just in the same way this Allan pease guy of "Body Language"has done.i Hope i succeed(Please give me your blessings all you whoever is reading this at this moment).Allan pease seems to have explanations of thoughts of people based on their physical actions, boy was he ever wrong , i have got screwed up many a times because of my Self presumed accurate interpretations.Like once i thought that people with both hands in their pockets are scared and insecure ,so i used this action to fire a customer and got blasted twice as much in return.Thus i peacefully laid to rest my belief in Body language i have a simpler method, i just ask people what sort of mood they are in before i talk to them.this is much easier.